So many reasons to send a personal note card!

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Notecards are just one way to keep in touch as well as express emotions such as love, congratulations, our condolences and gratitude. Although today’s world is run digitally, a notecard sent through the mail can mean so much more to the recipient as well as the person sending it.

There are cards for just about every occasion, holiday or thought, gratitude or feeling you might want to throw out there. But, what about those special little notes sent for no reason at all or that special thank you for something a dear loved one did just because? Perhaps it’s someone’s birthday and you do not have a birthday card on hand but, a handwritten notecard would more than mean the world to them too. Maybe you want someone to know how much you love and appreciate them but are too shy to tell them face-to-face. Maybe you know that receiving snail mail with something as simple as a “hello” will brighten a friend’s day. Or come on, what kid doesn’t like getting special envelopes specifically addressed with their name in the mailbox once in a while?

Perhaps loved ones or extended family and friends live far away, or that favorite cousin of yours that you haven’t seen in a long time. Sure, you may “see” them or chat once in a while via Facebook but a short, handwritten note in a card can be so much warmer and even more special because you’ve taken time out of your busy day to remember them and send them a note letting them know you care.

Thank you cards are probably the biggest reason why people we out cards. It’s common practice to send a thank you card whenever you receive a gift, but we also like to send them as a token of appreciation for things such as a home-cooked meal, freshly baked cookies, a particularly fun lunch outing, for taking the time to listen or for house-sitting while being away on a trip. It’s nice to let others know that they are appreciated. It’s also nice to be on the receiving end of thank you notes, so reciprocating that warm feeling is a kind thing to do.

What is also special about sending someone a little notecard is that there are various options to do so. I’ve got so many ideas wrapped in this creative brain of mine and I’d love to be able to help you personalize just the right notecards for you or a loved one of yours. What a great gift to give or receive!

Message me and let me know your thoughts/ideas or let me send some to you. Notecards come 2-sided with an A2 envelope and can be ordered bulk to keep your cost to a minimal. Any quantity for that matter. We can work out details when we speak.